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Igniting Potential / Creating Connection

The 100 Day Journey is a program targeted specifically for creatives, those seeking MORE for themselves both professionally and personally. The 100 day project phenomenon has been popping up around the globe for years. The premise 'do something creative every day for 100 days is something an individual can tackle solely at any time but one of the major issues artists struggle with is working in isolation and even the most disciplined artist can struggle to stay on track when they are only accountable to themselves.


100 Days is a lengthy time, and it needs to be so to allow for a settling in period then a chance for full exploration, challenges, breakthroughs, and resolution. The 100 Day Journey is a program that has been developed and refined over the past seven  years and has seen over 70 participants in the Wellington Region complete their own journey.


Undertaking a 100 Day Journey requires an investment of time and money, an openness to the process and a commitment to not only yourself but also the other participants and in return the growth, learnings and development can be profound.  The 100 Day Journey provides a structured framework to ensure success. This includes support from two experienced artist mentors providing one on one guidance, a workbook to help you along the way, six in person group check in meetings, regular contact and feedback through a private online group and a curated group exhibition in a professional gallery space at the end of it.


We keep the group small, limited to around 10 participants to ensure maximum support. The reasons why people sign up for the 100 Day Journey are varied from really wanting to challenge aspects of their existing art practice, to exploring a new art material, to simply prioritizing daily creative moments.


What will be your why?

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